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Outkast - “Ms. Jackson” (2001)

Couldn’t bring myself to leave this out of the best of the noughties series. This is just so good that it belongs in every best of collection. First off, never ever has a video captured better the oddity that Outkast represents in the musical panorama. Their music is undeniably hip hop, never lost its street cred anywhere, yet it is also so devoid of cliches and at the same time so relentessly catchy. It really is like that old timeless house in the middle of nowhere, with the boys working and working on it and yet it keeps falling apart, but in the end it’s peaceful, when the roof breaks down and the sunlight shines through there’s something zen-like in that realization that no matter how hard you try it can’t be fixed. I’m sorry Ms. Jackson, never meant to make your daughter cry and all, but you really can’t predict the weather.

But who am i kidding? Head nodding puppies, that’s where it’s at, that’s the main selling point here, everybody remembers the puppies and that fucking owl.