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"Whitesnake - Here I Go Again" (1987)

Originally recorded in a much more conservative way in 1982, this ‘87 glam power metal version is just the right song to play to if you ever need to ride alone into the sunset, it will put that spring in your step even if you’re sad. The clip is equally amazing, and while the intro is all keyboards and brooding silhouetted band members as soon as the whitesnake starts putting the power into this power ballad thing everything changes for the better. Guitars get shredding, gigantic hair gets waved around like a flag and the beautiful Tawny Kitaen drops down into David Coverdale’s Jaguar, clearly up to no good. And make no mistake, she owns this video, purring at the poor dude while he’s driving, sexily sliding down that hood, practicing impossible yoga splits that leave little to the imagination. I mean, dude just might have the bigger and better hair, but she’s the one that wears the pants in that home, and only there thankfully.